About ColorCubo

ColorCubo was a project created for a problem the BlueBriq team had been having with the conventional way of managing colours. We needed a way of rapidly saving, organising and copying a multitude of colour palettes for all our projects.

But most were overbloated or required extra steps to add codes to the clipboard. While some colour management & generation apps aimed to give expanded features such as robust colour wheels and a multitude of conversions. We wanted to have an app that does one thing brilliantly: storing and copying colour hex codes.

We hope you enjoy using this as much as we enjoyed creating it and hope to further improve on it with a multitude of added features to make your life easier when designing.


Ver 1.1

For our first content update, we listened to the top feedback coming in and added these crucial features to help manage your palettes better! more features soon!

  • Added import & export functionality
  • Added an extra formats input boxes
  • Fixed the renaming removing apostrophes

Ver 1.0

Its been a long time coming in the minds of our team but 1.0 is finally here! Enjoy! More Features to be added very soon with the help of the community!

  • Renaming palettes & folders with double click
  • Fast copy to clipboard mechanic
  • Full Save functionality
  • User Feedback button
  • Up to 5 colours per palette